WITSON Warranty Policy
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                                                                       WITSON WARRANTY POLICY  

WITSON  will repair at no charge to the purchaser, any merchandise found to be  defective in material or workmanship, under normal use and conditions,  for a period of 12 month, from the date of destination arriving

During the warranty period, to repair the Product, Purchaser will return the defective Product, freight prepaid to WITSON. 

The  product to be repaired is to be returned in either its original carton  or a similar package with an equal degree to protection. WITSON will  return the repaired Product freight prepaid to Purchaser via  shipping. After the applicable warranty period, Purchaser must pay all  labor and/or parts charges.

The warranty dose not applies to damage or failure caused by or resulting from:

ØAccident, neglect, abuse or acts of force majeure;

ØUnauthorized repair or modification of the product;

ØFailure to install or use the product in accordance with the instruction or use of this product other than for its intended purpose

ØThe TFT screen is not be covered by warranty, the customer will be responsible for any broken of TFT screen during the use