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Front DVR Camera (DVR-012)

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Front Car DVR Camera (For V70XX/RH70XX/K600/K700/T8/F2000/DH2000/V76XX/RH76XX/K5XXX/V5XXX/RH5XXX/MK7XXX/BLXXXX/BYXXXX/BX8XXX Only)

How do use ADAS function
ADAS function-Front car anti-colision alarm
This Front DVR Camera is Designed Specially for DVD Series W2-K6XXX, All Operation is controlled by Touch of DVD Screen.

The Stardard Package of This Camera Included 16GB Micro SD Card!

When the device detects the vehicle in front to close, it will alarm to remind motorists to pay attention to road conditions
or abnormal vehicle.

DVR Demo Video Download (avi,155M)